Nutrition Coach

What you get with Nutrition Coaching

Your going to learn what to eat , your portions and how to listen to your body.

You are NOT going to obsess over calorie counting , weighing food , and eliminating foods you love .

We are going to create healthy habits that are sustainable for long lasting results . No more dieting . Its time to learn how to eat .

Everyone wants to be healthy , to have a body composition that allows them to be comfortable in their own skin. Most of us don't know how to achieve this. We get lost in the cave of "diets" shared on social media , we become overwhelmed with the contradicting information " Carbs are bad " "Fat is bad " "Be skinny" "Have a big butt" "Dairy Bad " "Soy Bad" " This exercise will get rid of belly fat " "Don't work out abs it will give you a thick waist " ... Just to name a few that you have probably heard too . Most of what the internet teaches is not reasonable , its routine that can not be made a permanent part of your life .Therefore in frustration we yoyo diet ,we regain weight plus some . My job is to help you find what works for you and help you achieve it becoming a part of normal life . I'm here to help you collect the correct information you need to live a healthy life style , to be your support and cheerleader as we get these goals accomplished .

What you can expect?

Initial Consult to communicate concerns and goals

Daily Support

Weekly Check-ins

Meal Plans

Shopping List


3 month minimum Required

$65 a week for 12 weeks 100% virtual

$80 a week for 12 weeks in person support

Pair your Nutrition Coaching with a Body Contouring plan .

This can help move the inch loss progress along quicker in return helps keep up the excitement and motivation. All memberships below include online and in office Coaching.

$550 Nutrition Coaching and 2 Body Contouring Sessions

$400 Nutrition Coaching and 1 Body Contouring Session

$850 Nutrition Coaching and 4 Body Contouring Sessions


3 Three Month Challenge

3 Months of Nutrition Coaching

Meal plans ,Recipes , Weekly Support , Weigh ins and Measurements .

12 Body Contouring Sessions

On the area of your choice .

Reward yourself with a Facial

After three months of working towards your goal its time to reward yourself for you commitment . Enjoy a facial with Sea Green Esthetics .

$2,800 .00


$1,000.00 a month for three months