Post Lipo Care

Once you have had Liposuction it's a very important part of your after care to receive Lymphatic Drainage . Here you will find a list of treatments that we recommend to help you achieve the best result from your procedure .

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a must after Liposuction to remove excess fluid build up . Moving this interstitial fluid into the lymph system so the body can properly dispose of it , so you can heal properly .

Most people in the first month only receive 30 min sessions . After Liposuction plan to have at least 8 MLD treatments .

MDL with Ultrasound Cavitation

Once you are about 4-6 WEEKS post op we can start considering adding Ultrasound Cavitation to your MLD appointments. This will be a 60min session. Adding cavitation can help with breaking down those lumps .

Cavitation Treatment for Post Lipo

If you are 8 weeks or more since your procedure we can discuss you receiving Cavitation Treatments . These 90min sessions include MLD, Ultrasound , Vacuum Therapy and Radio Frequency . Cavitation after Liposuction can break down fibrosis and those extra fat pockets that leave you feeling lumpy . With added Radiofrequency to help tighten the skin.

Single sessions

30min $75

60min $125


8 30min sessions $500

12 30min sessions $850

8 60min sessions $900

12 60min sessions $1,400

Total Post Op Care Package

The best way to receive the result you want from your Liposuction procedure is to completely follow through with after care . This package includes

8 30min MLD

8 60min MLD w/Ultrasound

12 Cavitation Treatments w/MLD


If you have had Liposuction in the past and are not happy with your results we maybe able to help you by forming your personalized Post Lipo Care plan .

Payment Plans Available